Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the website for the Fourth Canadian Consensus Conference on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia (CCCDTD) – 2012. This site is designed to allow conference members to post draft articles, comment on the articles of others, and become involved in discussions of the various draft articles. It also allows for voting on the recommendations arising from each article.

Background papers for the selected topics are posted here in advance of the Conference on May 4th and 5th. As revised versions of the articles are prepared, they will be posted to the appropriate location on the website. All Conference members are encouraged to review the articles, and leave publicly viewable comments for the authors’ consideration. Please sign your name to any comments that you post. Prior to May, all members are urged to vote on the recommendations made by the authors of each background paper. To be recognized, votes must be signed and an e-mail address provided. This will greatly assist the process of reaching consensus and disseminating our final recommendations.

The key to these activities are the buttons listed below the section entitled Discussion Draft Articles – 2012 Conference. These buttons will take you to the draft background articles.

Thank you for your participation in this important project.

Chers collègues,

Bienvenue sur le site Web de la quatrième Conférence canadienne de consensus sur le diagnostic et le traitement de la démence (CCCDTD) – 2012. Dans ce site, les membres de la conférence pourront publier des projets d’articles et prendre part à des discussions sur ceux-ci, et ils pourront aussi commenter les articles des autres membres. Ils auront également la possibilité de s’exprimer par vote sur les recommandations issues de chaque article

Les documents de référence relatifs aux sujets sélectionnés sont publiés sur ce site en prévision de la conférence, qui aura lieu les 4 et 5 mai. Au fur et à mesure que les versions révisées des articles seront prêtes, elles seront publiées à l’endroit approprié sur le site Web. Nous encourageons tous les membres de la conférence à passer les articles en revue ainsi qu’à formuler, à l’intention des auteurs, des commentaires qui pourront être consultés par tous. Veuillez signer tous les commentaires que vous publiez. En outre, nous prions tous les membres de s’exprimer par vote avant le mois de mai sur les recommandations formulées par les auteurs de chacun des documents de référence. Pour qu’un vote soit valide, il doit être associé à une signature et à une adresse courriel. Ainsi, il sera beaucoup plus facile de parvenir à un consensus et de présenter nos recommandations finales.

Pour accomplir ces tâches, les membres de la conférence sont invités à cliquer sur les boutons figurant sous la section intitulée Examen des projets d’articles – Conférence 2012 (Discussion Draft Articles – 2012 Conference). Ces boutons vous dirigeront vers les projets d’articles de référence.

Merci de votre participation à cet important projet.

Serge Gauthier
MD, FRCPC (Co-Chair)
Christopher Patterson
MD, FRCPC (Co-Chair)


Comité directeur de la quatrième Conférence canadienne de consensus sur la démence – 2012

Executive Committee for the Fourth Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia – 2012

Serge Gauthier MD, FRCPC, Neurology (Co-Chair)
Christopher Patterson MD, FRCPC Geriatric Medicine (Co-Chair)
Howard Chertkow MD, FRCPC Neurology
Michael Gordon MD, FRCPC Geriatric Medicine
Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD, PhD Neurology
Jean-Paul Soucy MD, MSc, Nuclear Medicine
Kenneth Rockwood MD, FRCPC Geriatric Medicine

Full Recommendations of the 3rd CCCDTD – 2007:

This button connects to PDF versions of the 3rd CCCDTD – 2007 recommendations in French or English.

Articles – 2007 Conference:

Eighteen background articles that provide supporting evidence for these recommendations were published in the October 2007 issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Through arrangements with Elsevier, publisher of Alzheimer’s & Dementia, and as a service to our Canadian physician colleagues, we are offering on this site freely downloadable PDF reprints of the October 2007 issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

Downloading the Articles:  To access the reprints click on the “Articles – 2007 Conference” button on the left-hand side of your screen and then on the link on the page that opens.

Slide Resources – 2007 Conference:

A set of PowerPoint slides that feature the recommendations are available for use in lectures.

3rd CCCDTD Background

The 3rd CCCDTD took place in 2006 with the goal of drawing up wide-ranging recommendations for family physicians and specialists in Canada. A steering committee of nationally eminent experts in different aspects of dementia was formed to organize this meeting.

Members (listed alphabetically) were:

Forty-five experts from the fields of neurology, geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychology and family practice reviewed the literature, arranged background papers, developed recommendations, and voted on these recommendations. Over the course of one year, we refined an evidence-based set of recommendations, each gaining approval by at least 80% of the group.

Financial and/or in-kind support was obtained from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec, Alzheimer Society of Canada, Consortium of Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research, Canadian Neurological Society, College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry, Quebec Network for Research on Aging, and Canadian Geriatrics Society. Pharmaceutical companies could make unrestricted contributions of $10,000 each and attend the consensus meeting in the capacity of observers only.


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